Powerful slogans, product showcasing, stand-alone commercial campaigns & composition structure.

Beauty Everywhere You Go

Waiting for the bus? Browsing through a magazine? These designs are tailored for everyday engagement and the general public.

Celebrate Your Beauty

Sometimes less is more.

Product showcasing in an appealing way and placed in real-life settings.


I believe I have always had a commercial inner voice and this was the perfect opportunity to to let it out into my multimedia work.

I have a soft spot for magazines and spreads. It is a light way of connecting with everything that is new, it is visual and colorful.

I am also fascinated by how one image or campaign can fully represent an entire company and years of activity in the eyes of a person that is not familiar with the brand. That’s why projecting those images comes with great responsibility and requires visual memory and sense of art.

Through this work I have sharpened skills like photography, directing, typography, creative writing, and image manipulation.

© Paul Bader Graphic Design. All rights reserved.

© Paul Bader Graphic Design. All rights reserved.