Antik Museet is a museum of art and archeology in Aarhus, Denmark. 

Together with a few classmates we came up with the idea of implementing a treasure hunt right inside the museum to combine history with fun.

Step 1

Go to home page and select “Treasure Hunt”.

Step 2

Read the instructions to get familiar to the types of quizzes, the map and how QR codes work.

Press “Start” to play.

Step 3

Choose the exhibition you want to learn more about and press the illustration.

Step 4

Based on your choice, a map will pop up showing the overview of the selected level and the starting point. 

*Variations based on phone’s specifications. Some devices do not support QR scanning inside the default camera app.

Step 5

After the scan, the quiz pops up. Swipe up to hide the map and swipe all the way down to bring it back on the screen. The map is hidden on every page so that the user can check if they are in the right place and which stop is next.


I had a blast working in a team of 4, because it brings dynamics to the whole project and everybody comes with fresh new ideas.

Our solution can be situated somewhere between a website and a game app. The choice of avoiding creating an app was mostly based on the fact that museum visitors are not very fond of the idea of downloading an app for every museum they go to.

This was my first experience of designing an app-looking website. Therefore it was a completely new experience. We ended up using my mock-ups for the final examination.

© Paul Bader Graphic Design. All rights reserved.

© Paul Bader Graphic Design. All rights reserved.